Best Weekend Ever (Vol. 6)

Sunday we had Hudson’s 1st birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  It was a pirate theme and we tried to dress him up with a skull and crossbones bandanna and stick-on mustache but he was having none of that!  We did get some temporary tattoos on his arms (already removed with baby oil) and that was cute.

Hudson had a lot of fun but by the end he was pretty tired.

Part of my awesome family.

I got my inspiration for the pirate cake I made from Family Fun.  It didn’t turn out as good as I hoped but it tasted good.

It’s decorated with pirates and little toys from a Lego set.  I used Whoppers for cannonballs and root beer rounds to look like barrels.

I have my friend “Miranda” to thank for reminding me on Friday night that it’s important to get out of the house – even in this blistering heat!  So after I gave little Hudson a bath and cooked – well, overcooked - a roast for my family’s dinner, we met up with “Charlotte” at Geisha A Go Go Sushi in Scottsdale.

It’s actually a really cool place.  They have private rooms you can rent and do karaoke.

Saturday I had lots of shopping to do to get ready for the party.  Thankfully my mother and Madison went with me.  Thanks to their eagle eyes we got some really good stuff!  That night Lucas got a well-deserved boy’s night out and went to a birthday party for a friend.  I lounged on the couch and for some reason decided to watch Twilight.

It’s like a guilty pleasure or something for me because when my husband came home and found me watching it I felt like I was “busted.”  :)

I’m utterly exhausted and looking forward to bedtime.  Was your weekend restful?  Visit 6 in the City to see what other people have been up to.

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