Best Weekend Ever (Vol. 5)

Saturday morning instead of going back to bed (like I really really wanted to) I cooked breakfast.  Bacon, eggs, potatoes, and toast with jelly.  I think I made the potatoes like “homestyle fries.”  I left the skins on, cut them into bite-size pieces, and fried them in the bacon grease.  That’s homestyle fries, right?

I have to admit I sometimes feel guilty about chowing down on animal carcasses at the breakfast table.  We had another discussion about becoming vegetarian.  If we decided to go that route, Madison would be the last holdout.  She’s an extremely picky eater.  Her favorite foods are bacon, pepperoni pizza (it’s not pizza if there’s no pepperoni), and fried chicken.  If I took that away from her all she would have left to eat would be macaroni and cheese and ravioli.  Well, maybe there would be a few more foods in there too but it would be rough.  Maybe we could at least cut back on our meat eating because I hear vegetarians talk about how much better they feel.  More energy.  Improved health.  And get this: needing less sleep. Sign me up for that!

Saturday afternoon we hung around the house.  We are hiding from the blistering heat.  Sometimes, because I’m a Phoenix native, people wonder why I’m so fair-skinned.  It’s because I like to stay indoors sitting under the ceiling fans.  What is everyone else doing to stay cool??

Saturday evening we saw Despicable Me.

It was totally cute and worth the money.  All forty dollars and fifty cents of it.  That was for three adult tickets (since Madison is 13) plus the 3-D surcharge per person for the glasses.

Even after forking over that much cash just to get in, I still hit the snack bar.  I ordered a large Coke before I saw how gigantic they were.  I think it was literally a liter of Coke.  Portion sizes are just so out of control! By the way, did anyone download the Best Buy app to translate what the minions said at the end??

Sunday afternoon my wonderful, loving husband who is such a great father, decided to allow our teenager to host an impromptu pool party.  Luckily, there weren’t as many people as I thought there were going to be because some were out of town and some were grounded.

So, I battled the heat and headed to Target for chips, soda, water, ice, snacks, and hot dogs.  Madison brought her stereo outside and they swam while listening to music.  Lucas BBQ’d for dinner which was awesome because it tasted good and I didn’t have to cook.  The kids had fun.  I’m glad it’s over.  In fact, I decided to start counting down until back to school, August 16th:

I can make it until then. I can make it.

I have another party to look forward to next weekend.  It’s for Hudson’s 1st birthday!  Woot woot!

What did you do this weekend?  Checkout Six in the City to see what others have been up to.

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