Best Weekend Ever (Vol. 4): 4th of July

Friday evening my friend “Miranda” suggested we get pedicures.  So glad she did!  We both ended up getting the same patriotic painting done.

Got to show off my toes at the backyard BBQ we all went to at my husband’s aunt’s house on Saturday.

Me holding Hudson with my niece, Alexia

My niece, nephews, and their friend… wearing JEANS! I don’t know how the young’ens tolerate the heat like they do.

Hudson tried an ice cream sandwich

He liked it but he was getting too tired to show it

Sunday evening we grabbed some food and headed out to see the fireworks.  Phoenix First Assembly Church of God puts on a great show every year.  We have a “secret” spot we park in where we can be away from crowds and right under the fireworks display.  This year our timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I don’t think we were there five minutes before it got started.

I hate to brag but I’m pretty much convinced Hudson is the best baby in the world.  He didn’t cry at all during all of the “booms.”  Of course, it probably helped that I covered his ears during the finalé.  But still.  He actually really enjoyed seeing the sky light up.

Afterwords we came home and my husband read the Declaration of Independence outloud.  This is a new tradition that I am happy we are starting.  I think it’s important for our kids to understand the holiday is not just about hot dogs, watermelon, swimming, and fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July from Hudson! (His shirt says “little firecracker.”)

What did you do for the 4th of July?  Visit Six in the City to see how other people celebrated the holiday weekend.

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