Date Night

It’s Saturday night. Do you know where your husband is?

Project 52: Date Nights is the concept created by Tiffany Bird, modern mom of 2. Her inspiration came from an article she read about one couple’s commitment to having date nights at home. Tiffany and her husband faced the same obstacles many married couples do when it comes to dedicating time for a date night: trouble deciding what to do and not enough budge in the budget for a babysitter and an evening out. The article sparked an idea: she and her husband would devote themselves to a weekly date night with a few main objectives: be creative, be economical, and make it quality time.

Tiffany took her idea a few steps further. She is bringing her readers along for the journey by updating her blog every Tuesday with the previous Friday’s date details. And, she invites them to participate by taking the pledge to have a weekly date with their special someone. Any fellow bloggers out there can get in on the link love by writing a post about their date night and linking back to Tiffany’s website, Simply Modern Mom.

Recent date themes include a Mad-Libs and Word Search night, a cozy evening in bed reading a book together, and toasting Smores in the backyard. Tiffany’s ideas are fun and doable, and don’t worry – pledging doesn’t mean perfection. Even she had to postpone date night for a few days recently to accommodate out-of-town guests.

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