Best Weekend Ever (Vol. 3)

This edition is actually “My Weekend in Food.”

My weekend officially started Friday evening with a family get-together at Macaroni Grill to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.  If you don’t have one of these restaurants near you I feel sorry for you.  It’s so easy to overeat…

Macaroni Grill

Then I had indigestion.  Seriously.  I felt nauseous and kind of faint.  We booked it out of there and I came home and laid on the couch.  Nothing to do with the food, mind you.  It’s just that someone who eats like a hummingbird – just a light meal every few hours – can’t sit down and eat several pounds of food and not get sick.

Saturday night I made my famous fried chicken. My family and guests are always so impressed! They like the taste and don’t know how I bread it like I do. They want to know my secret. Okay, lean in close and I’ll whisper it to you. Are you ready? The secret is: there isn’t one. Really.  All I do is take two bowls: one for the egg and one for the flour. I beat the egg and dip the chicken in it. Then I put it in the flour and pat it down real good. That’s absolutely it. I don’t know why everyone thinks there must be something special about it, but I’m sure glad everyone likes it so well!

Sunday afternoon I had to miss my niece’s Stella & Dot party.  Lucas was working and my little Hudson just didn’t want to cooperate and come along.  His nap schedule is not to be messed with!  Just before dinner time, when Hudson was fully rested again, my mother invited my family to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  It just opened up at Bell Town Center and whenever her and my Dad find a cool new place she likes to take me.

Woohoo!  I love spending time with my Mom… and anything that gets me out of cooking.  This time I was careful and didn’t overeat.  Very tempting, though.  They have warm peanuts to eat while you wait for your meal and Madison ordered a bacon cheese dog.  Of course I had to have a bite.  Delicious!

Other than eating and indigestion I didn’t get a lot accomplished this weekend.  I blame it on Jennifer Weiner.  I’m reading “Best Friends Forever.”

I’ll have to tell you all about it when I’m done.  But I don’t review books; I only recommend.  By the way, if you’re a Jennifer Weiner fan, she has a new book, “Fly Away Home,” coming out July 13, 2010.

What did you do this weekend?  Visit Six in the City to see what other women have been up to.

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