Looking for Sex (and the City friends) on Craigslist

Turning off the T.V. has given me increased time for introspection and I came to an immediate realization: my life is missing something.  Or rather, someone.

I’m happily married and a proud mommy. What I’m lacking is girlfriends. It seems all of my friends have been relegated to Facebook Status. Our interactions include wall postings, link sharing, email forwards, and the occasional text message. When did actual face time go out of style? Why is everyone too busy to grab a Starbucks coffee or go shopping?

I decided I needed to remedy this problem. So, I (reluctantly) did what more and more modern women are doing: I turned to Craigslist.

If this doesn’t work I’m going to look for a Jerry, George, and Kramer. I’m so much like Elaine.

Here is my Craigslist post:

I’ve often thought that what makes the Sex and the City foursome so compatible is that their personalities compliment each other perfectly.

I’m a “Carrie” looking for my Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. All ages will be considered, but I’m hoping to find ladies in their 30s to get together for eating, shopping, going to movies, girl-talking, or just hanging out.

Like Carrie, I’m a writer – I don’t have my own column yet but I’m working on it.I’m also a city girl who’d have faired about as well as her in Aidan’s country digs. And happily, my lovelorn and luckless days are over too…I’ve already married my Mr. Big.We have a beautiful teenage daughter and a precious ten month-old son.

Perceptive and introspective, curious and creative, I’m not satisfied with the superficial.I like someone who challenges my thinking and makes me laugh.I don’t shy away from difficult topics so you’re free to speak your mind. I can expose you to classic and contemporary literature… and even help you update your resume. I’m smart, funny, and a great party planner. As for my fashion sense, well, it’s not as eclectic or crammed with designer labels, but who knows? I can see myself wearing the pink tutu… in certain settings.

I’m looking for you if you can fill one of the following:

The Miranda

Cautious and serious, self-assured and sometimes self-deprecating, you look for stability over almost everything else. You’re realistic and able to bring order to chaos. Motivate us to make and meet our goals. Be the voice of reason when we need to hear it. Fiery-red hair not required. Your fashion sense is original; you don’t have to follow the latest trends.

The Charlotte

Romantic and optimistic, innocent and sensitive, you look for the good in people. You’re well-bred and know the right fork to use. Encourage us to look on the bright side of things. Be our shoulder to cry on and have open arms for hugs. An eye for art is a bonus. Gay sidekick a plus but not a must. Your fashion sense is sensible, timeless and girly.

The Samantha

Successful and scintillating, liberated and uninhibited, you radiate confidence. You’re a vibrant leader who craves excitement and instant gratification. Let us live vicariously through your escapades while you help us to embrace our wild sides. You don’t have to work as a publicist or rub elbows with celebrities, but bring excitement to the group and introduce us to trendy hangouts. Your fashion sense is form-fitting and flirty.

So, if you fit the bill for a Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha, reply to this post and tell me a little about yourself. You don’t have to be a writer. That’s me. Just let your personality come through.

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